Tomorrow is the first day of August, so to kick off this month, we want you to get out and enjoy as much of the nice weather as possible! That means that in addition to your Weekly Burns, we want you to try and get out for a lunchtime or afternoon walk every single day. Aim to get in at least 10 minutes to soak up the sun and get a bonus breather from work.

Now onto your Weekly Burn schedule:


Start your week off with a 30 minute run/jog and follow it up with a stretch and a few minutes of foam rolling.


Challenge: Remember to go for your afternoon walk today and every day for the rest of the month! 


Complete 1 round of Upper Body Burn and the Strong Arms Workout. Add on 1 round of 5 minute Abs if you have extra time.


20 minutes of your choice cardio and Ab HIIT Routine.

Challenge: Take 5-10 minutes for yourself today and try to meditate. It may seem hard and tedious at first, but closing your eyes and breathing can be so helpful and beneficial for you both mentally and physically. See our full list of tips and how to’s here.


Complete the Treadmill Burn somewhere outside if the weather is nice. Later on in the evening, complete some gentle yoga.



Complete two rounds of Have a Ball Workout. Want a bonus sweat? Compete Summer Body Burn from your nutrition plan and then refuel with a clean breakfast, like the green smoothie bowl below, or your favorite breakfast from the nutrition plan. We love the Fairburn Flapjacks and French Toast.




Have you ever paddle boarded before? Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems! Go for a paddle and enjoy your day. Plenty of places rent them out for a couple of hours and many deliver them for you!


Challenge: Enjoy a drink and dessert from your nutrition plan outside. Our favorite dessert lately has been the lemon coconut macaroons from the summer update of the Lifetime Nutrition Plan.


Active rest (go for your walk), meal prep, and see your challenge below⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎

Sneak peak of some of the recipes to come!

Challenge: Guess what? We are working on the Fall update for the nutrition plan! Comment below with any recipes that you want to see on the plan, or send us an email at 

Have a Burnin’ Week!

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