Yesterday we shared with you what a typical day of eating looks like for us when we are not busy and have more time to meal prep (see post here). Today, we are sharing what we do and what a typical day  looks like when we are more busy, things come up, and we do not have time to meal prep (which has been the case these past few weeks).

Acai bowls, coffee, and a ginger, turmeric and pepper shot from Paradise Bowls and Source Cafe.

Regardless of how busy we are, we keep the same principles in mind of eating around 5 meals per day, staying active (even if that means simply getting up and down from the computer every couple of hours), and we keep water with us at all times (this is important)! However, when it comes to food, since we have not meal prepped as much these past few weeks, we have had to eat many more quick, grab-n-go, meals. Keep in mind that quick does not have to mean going to a drive-through or ordering out something unhealthy.  Rather, when we go grocery shopping, we stock up – and I mean stock up – on fruits and veggies, canned beans (no salt added kind), and brown rice and quinoa. Although we no longer eat meat, when we did, we would not purchase meat when we knew we were going to be really busy, because it can take longer for it to cook. The key here is to buy things that can be whipped up in no time!

Additionally, when we are busy and cannot fully meal prep, we will still do at least one of three things: (1) We will make a dressing and/or sauce ahead of time. This takes less than 5 minutes to whip up, so we will prep that and keep it in our fridge so that we have something to toss on veggies. There are tons of sauces and dressings in your plan, but you can use these basic ones here. (2) We will make a batch of quinoa or brown rice, again, to be able to grab and toss into different meals. (3) If we have 30-40 minutes, we will make a batch of muffins or breakfast cookies from the nutrition plan. This way, we have an easy snack all week long.

Lastly, when we are more busy and on-the-go, we do tend to eat out more. Our go-to’s to keep it healthy are smoothies and acai bowls for lunch, kombucha, a Lara bar if we really need to (keep in mind, you should not rely on these, but they are great for traveling), or a salad, and we keep the dressings light and on the side (no creamy or heavy thousand island style dressings). Think balsamic, tahini, lemon, ginger, style dressings.

For dinner, we order whatever the veggie option is, because it is typically steamed, and not fried, and can offer you variety to still get your nutrients. However, we will also order pasta dishes depending on what they are, and believe it or not, French fries! Now, we are not recommending you eat French fries at all, but sometimes, they are ironically a healthier choice. For example, we were recently at a bar with friends and the bar had nothing but fried foods, unhealthy tacos caked in heavy sauces, pizza etc. Believe it or not, out of all of the bites on the menu, the fries were the healthiest choice! Keep in mind that you can also ask for things on the side or without certain items when ordering out. It is okay! We LOVE going to a burrito place down the street from us, and this is our typical order:

•Whole wheat wrap instead of white
•Brown rice instead of white
•No sour cream or cheese, please 😉
•And please add extra spinach

*Thank You*

Simply asking and thanking a place can go so far, and you might learn of a variety of options that they have for healthier meals and sides!

Now you might be thinking, what the heck do you do for a sauce!? Well, sometimes we have them add guac in place of the sour cream, or we just use our own homemade sour cream (recipe coming soon to our awesome nutrition plan members). And guess what? It is freakin’ delicious! Healthy food does not, and should not have to taste bad!

Below, we are once again outlining a sample day that would involve us going out more, and whipping up something quick:

A Busy Day in a Hectic Week

5:30am – We wake up, roll out of bed, chug some water, and immediately work out (usually by 6am)

6-6:30/7am – Get in our workout!

(Guess what? I actually did not do this this morning! I have been leading a yoga workshop, so have had to move my workout around and break it up). 

7:00am – Have the rest of our Fairburn Fuel (our ACV drink) and eat breakfast. Breakfast for us on a busy day is typically one of the following or some combination of both (with black coffee, of course):
•Oatmeal topped with handful of berries or 1/2 banana (freeze the other half for smoothies), cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey
•2 muffins or breakfast cookies (any recipe from the plan) with a side of fruit, IF and only if we had time to prep these
•Any smoothie from the nutrition plan
•A smoothie that we purchase out somewhere (Helpful tip: whenever we travel, we look up smoothie and juice bars in advance so we know exactly where to go)

7:30/8am – We are starting/off to work

9:30/10am – Morning snack!
•On a busy day, this will typically just be an apple, grapefruit, orange, etc. Anything grab-n-go, unless we had time to make a batch of muffins

12:00/1pm – Lunch time. Lunch on a busy day includes any of the following:
•Leftovers from the night before (this is pretty much always the case)
•Any leftover veggies in our fridge that we toss together to make something random, tossed with a dressing and/or quinoa or brown rice. A favorite of mine is some rice, a bunch of spinach, some black beans, and sun-dried tomatoes tossed together. Simple!
•A smoothie, acai bowl, salad, or veggie wrap out (no cheese and added heavy creamy stuff in wraps, please – this can just wear you down)

3:00pm – Afternoon snack time! On a busy day, this could include any of the following:
•Any of these quick snacks
•A handful of nuts
•Tons of veggies with some mashed avocado or hummus (we will just take a tub of store-bought hummus and veggies with us to work if needed)
•Some form of a green smoothie or kombucha if we’re out and need to buy a snack

This next part can get a little tricky for us, because we typically work late, so we do not get to eat dinner until late. We try to eat earlier when we can, but early would be 6:30/7 on a great day. Otherwise, it is usually 7:30/8pm. When this happens (most days it does), we might have a couple of the above snacks to help hold us over

7:30/8pm – Dinner (if you can eat earlier, go for it)!
•Any meal that is listed in your ’15 minutes or less’ section of your nutrition plan. We live off of this sometimes!
•Zoodles (only this time, we will buy the pre-made zoodles if we do not have time to make them ourselves)
•Any quinoa/veggie bowl (this is why we at least make a dressing, because you can change up your veggies, but always have something to top them with)
•Any veggie dish or salad that is on a restaurant menu (unless we know we are eating at a health food restaurant – then the meals can be more creative because it is their specialty).

Please note that ordering a healthy meal at a restaurant does not mean you are not living your life or being boring. Often times it is fun to see what restaurants can come up with, and it is how we have actually gotten a lot of our recipe ideas! 

We hope these two posts help you to better understand what we eat, and how we handle hectic times. No matter what, there will always be something that can come up, get in the way, cause you to have long hours at work, etc. We get it – life can be busy! Even with just how crazy it can be with the two of us, I am not even sure how we could handle kids sometimes, so I give major credit to those that do, and make healthy living work! Ultimately, you just have to keep your health and well-being as one of your top priorities. It does not have to be or feel difficult. It takes time, but it is worth it!

Just last night I was looking at some old photos of David and I, and they were photos that I once loved and thought we looked so great. We were 18/19 in one and 21 in the other. We were kids with no real major cares and living it up at college. Do we look terrible? No (maybe just our fashion choices); however, when I was looking at the photos again, I couldn’t believe how tired and run-down we looked. This has nothing to do with vanity and appearances, but it showed me just how much healthy living and eating has changed us and given us more energy.  Now if we look tired, it’s usually just because we are up late working – hey, you can’t avoid it all of the time!

Now tonight, we encourage you to relax and to not worry. This will all start to come naturally if you stick with it! Use tonight to plan one healthy item that you can eat out tomorrow or this weekend. We will continue to share photos and videos on our social media pages at @fairburnitoff so you can see what we eat too! Cheers! 



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