This past month we have been sharing some personal stories on things that we go through, how we approach eating and living healthy, and how we deal with situations that may not be positive (you can read these posts under the latest posts tab here). Today though, we are sharing what we eat on a typical day and week.

We eat around 5 meals a day, and if you are a member of the nutrition plan, we essentially follow the day-by-day layout that we created for all of you. The recipes that we eat off of the plan may change from day to day, but we always try to stick to the format and nutrition concepts laid out in the plan.

However, we are human. Not every day or week goes as planned, and there are times when we do not meal prep (I know, crazy). In fact, the past few weeks have been very busy for us, so we’ve been making a lot more things on the fly. Even when we do prep though, there are times when the meal I planned or made in advance, I am no longer in the mood for, so I whip up something different. To give you a better idea, below I am outlining what a sample day looks like when we are not busy and have time to prep. Tomorrow we will share what a rushed and unplanned day might look like.

Picture “Perfect” Day in a Not so Hectic Week

5:30am – We wake up, roll out of bed, chug some water, and immediately work out (usually by 6am)

6-6:30/7am – Get in our workout!

7:00am – Have the rest of our Fairburn Fuel (our ACV drink) and eat breakfast. Breakfast for us is typically one of the following or some combination of both (with black coffee, of course):
•Oatmeal topped with handful of berries or 1/2 banana (freeze the other half for smoothies), cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey
•2 slices Ezekial toast topped with 1/2 of an avocado, cucumber slices, and a pinch each of salt, pepper, and chili flakes
•Any smoothie from the nutrition plan

Note: we make all of the above breakfast items on the day we are eating them. However, below are some breakfast items we may meal prep and eat:

•Overnight oats (sample recipe here)
•Fairburn Flapjacks from the nutrition plan (you can make and freeze)
•2 muffins or breakfast cookies (any recipe from the plan) with a side of fruit

7:30/8am – We are starting/off to work

9:30/10am – Morning snack! This typically includes one of the following:
•Piece of fruit or serving of berries
•A muffin or breakfast cookie from the nutrition plan
•A pre-made snack bar from the nutrition plan (we love making any of the no-bake snack bars from the plan because they are so quick and easy)

12:00/1pm – Lunch time. Lunch includes any of the following:
•Leftovers from the night before (this is pretty much always the case)
•Any lunch pasta or salad from the plan
•Any leftover veggies in our fridge that we toss together to make something random. We always have quinoa or brown rice in our fridge and a pre-made dressing, so we will toss that in too

Depending on how long of a workout we did/how hard or intense it was, we may add a piece of fruit like an apple or have an additional breakfast muffin or cookie from the plan on the side

3:00pm – Afternoon snack time! Could include any of the following:
•Any pre-made afternoon snack bar from the nutrition plan. Again, we love the no-bake ones because they are so easy to whip up
•A couple of spinach muffins (recipe here)
•Any of these quick snacks
•A handful of nuts
•Tons of veggies with some mashed avocado or hummus
•Some form of green or carrot juice or kombucha if we’re out

This next part can get a little tricky for us, because we typically work late, so we do not get to eat dinner until late. We try to eat earlier when we can, but early would be 6:30/7 on a great day. Otherwise, it is usually 7:30/8pm. When this happens (most days it does), we might have a couple of the above snacks to help hold us over

7:30/8pm – Dinner (if you can eat earlier, go for it)! Some of our favorite dinners include:
•Quinoa Chili from your nutrition plan
•Zoodles (we will toss all sorts of random veggies or herbs in)
•The Best Bowl You’ll Ever Eat with the Holy Crap Amazing Ginger Sauce recipe from your plan (PERFECT for leftovers too and using the sauce on other meals)
•Taco bowls (new recipe coming soon to full-length nutrition plan members)
•Any salad or sauteed veggie mix from the plan when we want a light dinner in under 10 minutes
•This easy Pad Thai recipe here or the new Teriyaki Bowl recipe here

On the weekends we will have more fun and make the pizza, burgers, or other stews from the nutrition plan. It is very helpful to make these larger and longer to make dishes on the weekends, not only because you might have more time, but also because you will likely have leftovers to use the following week for lunches! This way, you get a great, healthy meal, but also sneak in some meal prep.

Dessert & Drinks
We typically drink 2 times per week. Our drinks are pretty much always a couple glasses of wine, but beer occasionally, and very rarely a cocktail due to the fact that we just don’t like sweet drinks (but we have enjoyed the mojito and champagne drinks from the nutrition plan). We do not believe in fully “cutting” drinks out, because if you enjoy having a drink, then enjoy having a drink. Just be honest with yourself on how much you are actually drinking, because it can be easy to have one drink turn into several, or to have reasons like “The Bachelor is on,” “it’s thirsty Thursday or wine not Wednesday” etc. (okay, I admit it, I am guilty of drinking Rose when the The Bachelor is on).

For dessert, if we have a craving, we go for it, but we go for one from the nutrition plan. As much as we love cookies and cupcakes, having unhealthy, processed ones from the store or out just do not appeal to us anymore. We love making the no-bake PB cookies, the chocolate cupcakes, the chocolate chip cookies, or whipping up the ice cream from the nutrition plan. We also love making popcorn if we are craving something more salty, or we just simply have some dark chocolate.

We hope this better helps you to understand what we eat, and how we lay your plan out to accomplish just this. Tomorrow we will share what we do when we are not as prepared and have to make everything on the fly, or purchase food out.

Now tonight, we encourage you to relax and to not worry or stress about eating exactly like we laid out above. Instead, take tonight to plan one healthy item to eat tomorrow. It does not matter what it is – just aim for one healthy item, and take it one step at a time.  


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