Summer is officially ending tomorrow…

and many of you will start to get back in the swing of things. However, with the start of fall comes the start of baking season and pumpkin spice everything season.  Then in late fall we transition to cookie baking season for the holidays. Then you may typically say you will eat clean after the new year, but then it’s Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, Flag Day, someone getting married day, someone getting a promotion day, the kids are driving me insane day, I didn’t get much sleep day, I’m busy at work day, and so on…

We’re not trying to say that these events or life happenings do not matter, because we know that they do, and we know that they can make things difficult and feel stressful. However, there will always be something that can be used as an excuse. Always.

Kathy, our most recent transformation who hasn’t let age, hip surgery, and other injuries and ailments stop her!

With that being said, we want you to really take a moment to be honest with yourself. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you eating clean or are you going out more? Are you working out? Are you sleeping? Are you meal prepping or scrolling through Facebook? It can be very hard to be honest with yourself, but ask yourself all of these questions.

Now here is the next step, and an important one. DO NOT get down on yourself if you have not been eating well or working out. It is okay. It is normal. It happens. This is the time when it is important to not dwell on all of the crap, and to just move forward.

So, what is really in it for you?

You and your health are important. Find something that motivates you – whether it’s not wanting to be sick all the time, losing weight, wanting to be around longer for your kid, wanting to be able to run a 5k, or hike a mountain, or just to feel amazing – whatever it is, use that as your motivation and reason to not let everything get in your way.

If you are a member, now is the time to re-open your nutrition plan. Re-read it from front to back. Go to the meal section and use the pre-planned weeks and grocery lists.  Go to the workout section and set up which days you want to do them. Use your nutrition and workout guide to help you get back and stay on track. This is a lifestyle, and it can take time, but we will be here for you.

Sample images from lifetime nutrition and workout guide

Remember, as a member, you ALWAYS receive updates, new recipes, new workouts, new grocery lists, new meal prep guides, new holiday guides, free challenges, and us, so that you never have to do this alone. It does not matter where you are on your health journey – whether you are just starting out, been at it for a little while, or have been doing it for years – it is always going to be a continuous journey, which is why we are here to help you make it sustainable and attainable.

If you are not a member, that is okay. We know that everyone starts somewhere, and it can be a scary next step to really commit to yourself and well-being. Just remember that you are worth the investment and then some. You only have to pay one time – one time – and you receive a lifetime of benefits. Are you ready?


If you decide to become a member, then add both guides to your cart and enter code FALLBURN to make the 4-week meal plan guide FREE!

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time at We are here to answer questions and to help you. We want to ensure your success and for you to have everything that you need!


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