Winter Burn Challenge 2017!

It’s here! The 2nd annual Winter Burn Challenge!

Become the healthiest you yet – inside and out! 

Get ready to get into the best shape of your life and feel healthy, energized, and amazing! For 2017, we have updated our full-length nutrition plan with over 375 recipes, metabolism burning secrets, meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists and images to help you shop, and meal prep guides to follow each week! Here are the details:

•The challenge starts Sunday, January 8th, 2017, and will run until February 5th!

•Follow the 4 planned out weeks in your nutrition plan (the basics or full-length plan)

•Post a check-in every week on social media with either your meals, a workout you are doing, or simply just showing how you feel! Tag us @fairburnitoff so that we can find and cheer you on. This is a vital step because accountability is a major key to your success! Plus, we will be doing the challenge with you, so you can see our check-ins too!

Start for free to receive your Starter Packet below:

Get Started Here!


Join the Nutrition Plan today! Only those who have a plan will be eligible for the grand prize (prize(s) announcement coming soon)!

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