The Winter Burn Challenge is officially here! 

The Winter Burn Challenge kicks off TODAY (see details here), which means for the next 4 weeks, we will be following the planned out meals in your nutrition and fitness plan and keeping each other accountable! We know it may be cold, and a health and fitness challenge may the last thing you want to do in the middle of winter, but that’s why we’re doing it! So get your plan here if you have not already, and check out your week 1 workout schedule below (or follow the one in your nutrition and fitness plan):



Start your morning off with the Burn Out HIIT Routine from your nutrition plan, or complete your favorite HIIT routine from the list here.

Challenge: After work, challenge yourself to get in a round of the Ab HIIT Routine for a bonus workout! 


Cardio & Upper Body

Go for a 30-40 minute jog/run, and then complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn below.

Challenge: Grab a friend/accountability partner to go for an afternoon walk.


Lower Body & Light Cardio

Complete the Lower Body and Ab Burn workout from your nutrition plan, or 2 rounds of the Ultimate Leg & Glute Burn workout below. Head out for a 20 minute walk at some point today, or set your timer for 15-20 minutes and walk up and down a set of stairs.

Challenge: Plan a date for this weekend with a friend or significant other, BUT challenge yourself to plan something healthy (i.e. an active date like skating, or going out to eat at a healthy restaurant).


Cardio & Core

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio (running, walking, swimming, biking), complete 3 rounds of 5 Minute Abs and 3 rounds of the core strengthener moves below.

Challenge: It’s Thirsty Thursday! As soon as you wake up, drink at least 16oz. of water, and then sip on water all day long.


HIIT & Full Body

Complete 1 round of Quick Burn HIIT and then follow it up with the full body workout below.

Challenge: Happy #FairburninFriday! Tag us with a photo of you doing your workout (or post workout) and enjoy your weekend!


Active Rest, Yoga, & Foam Roll

Active rest is a day to still move, but not workout hard. You can go for a walk or even clean your home! Find some time to stretch today and foam roll. Choose from the yoga and foam rolling routines here.

Challenge: Go out on that date you planned!


Sunday Runday

Run for as long as you’d like today. Challenge yourself to run for at least 20 minutes, and then add on as you go.

Challenge: Meal prep for the week ahead and sign up for the Winter Burn Challenge if you have yet to do so – OR – get a friend to join with you!


Join the 2nd annual Winter Burn Challenge! 

You choose your plan – $39 Basics Plan or $99 Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan – and follow the planned out meals for 4 weeks! You MUST have one of the plans in order to win the grand prize (all details here).
Choose your plan below:

*Please note, if you are plant-based, the full-length nutrition and fitness plan is still great! There are over 375 recipes, some with meat, but many that are plant-based and offer substitutions and swaps. However, once we come out with the separate plant-based guide, if you have the full-length nutrition plan, we will send it to you for free!

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