It’s week 2 of the Winter Burn Challenge! 

And there is still time to join us!

If you are just joining us for the Winter Burn Challenge, no worries!  Check out all of the details here, and follow the planned out meals in your nutrition and fitness plan to help you stay motivated and fueled! You can follow the workouts in your nutrition plan, OR the free workouts below, OR you can do a little of both! Make this challenge work for you and your schedule!



Start your morning off with the Summer Body Burn workout in your nutrition plan, or complete your favorite HIIT routine from the list here.

Challenge: Write down something new that you want to do this week. Whether it’s to try a new recipe, a new workout – anything – just try something new! 


Cardio & Core

Go for a 30 minute jog/run, and then complete the Stability Ball Ab workout here.

Challenge: Grab a friend/significant other, and complete this Partner Ab Workout! Tag us at @fairburnitoff afterward to let us know how it went!


Arms & Legs

Complete All Around Arms from your nutrition plan, or the Strong Arms Workout here. Follow it up with 3 rounds of 5 Minute Legs & Glutes.

Challenge: Have you tried something new yet (see Monday’s challenge)? If not, plan to complete it sometime by Sunday evening.


Cardio & Yoga

Go for a light 20 minute run/jog, and then head out to a yoga class or complete one of the yoga routines here.

No-Bake Cookies featured from the Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan

Challenge: Try a new dessert or drink recipe from your nutrition plan and relax.


NEW Full-Body Workout!

Check back today, because a new full-body workout will be posted today on 

Challenge: Tag us after your workout and use hashtag #FairburninFriday to let us know how you liked the new workout.


Active Rest

Choose your favorite active rest activity – walking, yoga, hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, swimming, surfing, anything – and relax and enjoy your weekend! 

Challenge: Whether you stay in or go out this evening, keep your meals clean. Use your nutrition plan for guidance and recipes. Remember, clean eating does not have to be boring or tasteless.


Sunday Runday

Run 5k today! Head out for a 3.1 mile run, and do not worry about running for time or speed.

Challenge: Meal prep for the week ahead and consider signing up for an actual 5k road race. If you have never done one before, do not be scared, they can be a lot of fun and a great way to stay motivated through the winter. Feel free to use our free 5k road race training here.


Join the 2nd annual Winter Burn Challenge! 

It’s not too late to join!
You can participate for free, but only those who have a nutrition plan are eligible to win. Choose your plan below – $39 Basics Plan or $99 Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan – and follow the planned out meals for 4 weeks (all details here)!

*Please note, if you are plant-based, the full-length nutrition and fitness plan is still great! There are over 375 recipes, some with meat, but many that are plant-based and offer substitutions and swaps. However, once we come out with the separate plant-based guide, if you have the full-length nutrition plan, we will send it to you for free!


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