It’s the final week of the Winter Burn Challenge! 

Or is it?

You have been killin’ your workouts and meals, and we have been so motivated by you! Therefore, we decided that we are going to go strong for another 2 weeks! If you are just joining us, check out all of the details here, and follow the planned out meals in your nutrition and fitness plan to help you stay motivated and fueled! You can follow the workouts in your nutrition plan, OR the free workouts below, OR you can do a little of both! Make this challenge work for you and your schedule!


Full Body & Cardio

Start your Monday with this Full Body Resistance Burn Workout, and get in a 30 minute walk today.

Challenge: Have you seen our tips on how to build the perfect smoothie? Check them out here, use the step-by-step guide, and build your own new smoothie!


Cardio, Arms & Abs

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio – run, jog, bike, swim, stairs –  and then complete the Fairburnin’ Core routine from your nutrition plan, and the  Arms & Abs Workout below:

Challenge: A new recipe will be posted today, so check back and get the ingredients ready to make it first thing tomorrow morning!


Lower Body & Abs

Complete the Lower Body & Ab Burn Workout from your full-length nutrition plan, or complete Lower Body Burn and 3 rounds of 10 reps each of the core moves below:

Challenge: Think of someone who inspires you. It doesn’t matter who it is, but keep that person in mind while finishing out the week. If it is someone you know, consider sharing with him/her what that person means to you, or share with us on social media! We will be sharing who inspires us too, so check on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @fairburnitoff to see!


Cardio & Yoga

Go for a 30 minute run/jog, and then head out to a yoga class, or complete Beach Yoga Flow below:

Challenge: It’s #thirstythursday! Relax with a drink or two, and just make sure to drink plenty of water in between too.



Complete your favorite HIIT routine from your nutrition plan, or choose one from the list here.

Challenge: Head out tonight or relax in with a friend or loved one, and show us what your #fairburninfriday activity is tonight! Heading out? You can still make it healthier and fun by sipping on water all evening with your drinks, and by ordering meals that are not fried, limiting cheese and greasy foods, and asking for sauces on the side.


Active Rest

Go for a 1 to 2 mile walk, complete a yoga routine, or head out for something different like snowshoeing or skiing.

Challenge: Relax and watch a favorite guilty pleasure movie or tv show of yours tonight! 


Sunday Runday & Foam Roll

Aim to run 5 miles today! Last week you went for 4 miles, so challenge yourself to add on. It’s okay if you go slower, or walk/run or jog/run – just challenge yourself to go for it. Later this evening, get in some foam rolling. You can use one of the two routines below:

Challenge: Meal prep for the week ahead, and add in one of the summer recipes from your nutrition plan or on to help brighten up your winter.


Have a burnin’ week!


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