Winter Burn Challenge 2017!

It’s here! The 2nd annual Winter Burn Challenge!

Become the healthiest you yet – inside and out! 

Get ready to get into the best shape of your life and feel healthy, energized, and amazing! For 2017, we have updated our full-length nutrition plan with over 375 recipes, metabolism burning secrets, meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists and images to help you shop, and meal prep guides to follow each week! Here are the details:

•The challenge starts Sunday, January 8th, 2017, and will run until February 5th! You can still participate even if you begin after the start date! 

•Follow the 4 planned out weeks in your nutrition plan (the basics or full-length plan)

•Post a check-in every week on social media with either your meals, a workout you are doing, or simply just showing how you feel! Tag us @fairburnitoff so that we can find and cheer you on. This is a vital step because accountability is a major key to your success! Plus, we will be doing the challenge with you, so you can see our check-ins too!

Start for free to receive your Starter Packet below:

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Join the Nutrition Plan today! Only those who have a plan will be eligible for the grand prize (prize(s) announcement coming soon)!

Meet last year’s winner, Alex! You can read his full story here!

We look forward to you joining us!