It’s the 6th and final week of the Winter Burn Challenge!

You should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Not every day is perfect, but the fact that you were willing to take care of your health and well-being is what is most important! It does not matter if you have been “perfect” or not (there is no such thing) – what matters is that you went for it! And because of that, you should be proud.

Now, let’s finish off week 6 strong together! Don’t worry if you are just joining us too, because even though this is the last week of the challenge, we still always post free workout schedules for you, and want you to keep going with your healthy lifestyle!


Full Body

Complete the Summer Body Burn workout from your nutrition plan (get your plan here, or choose from the list of workouts here).

Challenge: Have you seen the new Date Night Menus yet!? Check them out below and get your meal and wine ready for Valentine’s Day!



NEW Valentine’s Day Workout!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Complete your new free workout that will be posted to This workout can be done with a partner or solo.

Challenge: After your workout, check out the new Valentine’s Day recipes here that you can whip up today, and play the question game with your loved one (see a preview of our questions above).


Core & Yoga

Head out to a yoga class today and complete Fairburnin’ Core from your nutrition plan. You can also complete 5 rounds of 5 Minute Abs as a bonus challenge!

Challenge: Every hour, get up to go for a walk. It can be a very quick walk around your office or even just a 30 second walk up and down the hall, but set your alarm on your phone and challenge yourself to keep moving all day long.


Cardio & Arms

Go for a 30 minute jog and then complete 3 sets of these arm exercises.

Challenge: Have you been keeping to your goals and resolutions that you set for yourself this year? It’s normal to lose sight or change up your goals, so check out our tips here on how you can stick to them all year long. 


Lower Body & Core

Complete the Ultimate Leg and Glute workout below, and then complete 1 round of the Ab HIIT Routine below.

Challenge:  Head out for a walk this evening and then enjoy one of the meals from your three-course date night menus here.


Active Rest

Head outside today and try something new. Whether it is hiking, snowshoeing, walking a new trail, etc. If you are snowed in, complete some gentle yoga, stretching, or even walk up and down your stairs to get in some activity. 

Challenge: Have you booked a massage yet? This was last week’s challenge, so make sure you book or head out for a massage to treat yourself. 


Sunday Runday!

Run a minimum of 2 miles today, but go as long as you would like.

Challenge: Stretch and foam roll (use our foam roll videos here as a guide), and meal prep for the week ahead. Remember, just because the Winter Burn Challenge is coming to an end, does not mean that you stop. If you have been using the planned out weeks in your nutrition plan, continue referring to them and use the guide to write out and plan your meals for the week ahead. Choose new recipes that you have to try, or pick your favorite ones that you have loved so far! Take a photo of your prep and tag us at  @fairburnitoff with hashtags #fairburnitoff and #teamfairburnitoff


Have a burnin’ week!


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