Okay, let’s just say it.  Being snowed in sucks. Or does it?  

Being snowed in does not mean that you have to be stuck doing nothing. Take advantage of snow days with these workout tips:

  • Workout from the comfort of your home! Most of our workouts can be done from home. We did this purposely, because living in New England, we understand how frustrating it can be to get stuck inside from the snow. Visit the fitness tab here to choose a workout.
  • Get creative. Have a couch? Have a coffee table and chairs? Have stairs? Have bottles of water or your kids toys lying around? Well then you have a home gym! We always use our furniture to perform tricep dips, couch steps-ups, incline or decline push-ups, and water bottles for weights. Just make sure that your furniture is safe and sturdy before using! We also love using our stairs to do some of our favorite stair workout routines you can see here. 
  • Go Play! Channel your inner child and go play in the snow. Roll up a snowman, make snow angels, or go sledding.  Believe it or not, just simply playing or walking through the snow can be a great workout! And did you know that if you go snow-shoeing or trudge through the snow, it is like going for a run? Well, it is! Just make sure to bundle up and stay safe. 
  • Take advantage. Use those snowy and cold weather days to stretch and relax, and take advantage of this time that you have for yourself or with your family. And since you will most likely have to shovel or dust off your car, it is important to stretch it out afterward. Take up to 30 minutes to do some of your own stretches, or use the yoga and stretching routines here.

Feeling extra motivated? Check out the new partner workout that we did in the snow below. Get the full workout here.

Enjoy your snow day!


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