A little over a year ago, we started working with 603 Brewery in New Hampshire to host brewery yoga events where proceeds from the event are donated to the MSPCA and NHSPCA animal shelters. The money is donated to the medical fund to help shelter animals that have miscellaneous health needs – anything from a simple dental checkup to major surgery. These medical procedures can be quite costly and prevent an otherwise healthy animal from being adopted. However, by taking care of some or all of an animals medical needs, the shelters are able to help take that financial burden off of potential adopters, so that the animals have a better chance of finding a loving home.

At our most recent event in January, our goal was to hit $2,000 in total donations, and we are excited to announce, that with your help, we have hit that goal!

Now for the even better news..

We have another event coming up on February 10th!

This yoga class will not only benefit animals in need, BUT, it will be a special partner power yoga class! We will still sweat and flow like a regular class, but we will also play with some fun partner poses. So bring your significant other, your BFF, your brother/sister, that guy/girl you think is cute but haven’t asked out yet – anyone you want!

See all details and purchase your tickets below. This event does sell out!


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