In December, it is common to think ahead to New Year’s resolutions and goals.  But how about finishing the year strong so you can go into 2018 with momentum?

Every year, we set goals.  We meet some of them, and we don’t meet others.  But it’s easy to throw in the towel when it’s late in the year, and promise to make changes “after the holidays.”  It’s time for that mindset to change, and so we are challenging you to set one New Year’s “Endolution” for 2017!  We understand that there can be pressures this time of the year, so your “Endolution” should be both easy and something you truly want to do.  That way you set yourself up for even more success in 2018.

With that being said, our only rule for your 2017 Endolution is that it be a positive change that you are adding to your life.  Maybe you commit to going for 3 extra walks a week.  Or you could add greens to all of your dinners.  Just make your December Endolution an addition so that it is easy to implement and more likely to stick.  Eliminating bad habits is much harder than adding good ones, so focus on additions for December and you will set yourself up for sustainable success.

Our Endolutions

I will personally be committing to meditating for just 5 minutes every day in December.  I am literally going to take a piece of paper and mark an “X” for each day that I do this in hopes that I can truly make this stick!  Elyse’s will be going to 3 yoga classes a week (as a student, not a teacher!)  Let us know your Endolution and we will help each other get to the 2017 finish line strong!





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