Your Weekly Burn is here!

If you are new to Fairburn it Off, each week we will be posting suggested workouts, challenges, tips, and recipes to help you on your health journey. Members, feel free to follow along with your planned weeks and workouts, and add in these extra challenges to stay accountable and motivated!

And speaking of staying accountable, we always love when you share your journey with us, so never be afraid to put yourself out there to help you stay on track with your goals! Tag us @fairburnitoff/#fairburnitoff so we can find and cheer you on!

Now let’s get planning for a successful week ahead…


Start off your week with this On-The-Go HIIT Workout, All Around Arms from your nutrition plan, and/or the Strong Arms Workout Here.


Refuel with your favorite breakfast from the nutrition plan, or try out this Blueberry Cacao Smoothie here.



3 mile run or a spin class. Follow it up with Fairburnin’ Core from your plan or the Ab HIIT Routine here.



Lower Body Burn and lunchtime walk.


Challenge: Make sure you stay moving today! Even if it is only for a few minutes, go for a lunchtime walk, and try to get up and move around every couple of hours. End your day with a little foam rolling.



20-30 minutes of cardio. Run, jog, walk, swim, bike, or HIIT. Choose whatever you are in the mood for. Follow it up with a little evening yoga to stretch out and lengthen your muscles.


Challenge: Up the intensity! Regardless of what type of cardio you decide to do today, be sure to up the intensity. For example, if you are running, jog for a few minutes and then run fast or sprint. Keep your heart rate up and just change your pace. This can apply to any type of cardio, so don’t be afraid to have bursts where you go harder because that is when real change happens!



Full Body Resistance Burn or Burn HIIT Out from your full-length nutrition plan. Bonus: Add in a little gentle yoga to kickstart your weekend.

Challenge: Try a new healthy recipe today. We love the Best Bowl You Will Ever Eat Bowl from the summer nutrition plan, but the Overnight Oats, Quicky Chickpea Bowl, and Peanut Butter Oat Bars are some of our favorites! Check out all of the free recipes here, or the nutrition plans here for more.



Yoga, stretch and active rest.



Summer Body Burn from your new summer nutrition plan update, or go for a 3 mile run! It does not matter how fast or slow you run – just go for it and do not limit yourself!


End your day with some meal prep and a drink to relax! If you are craving a sweet treat, whip up a dessert from your plan or check out our quick fixes for satisfying a sweet tooth!

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